1. Physics Potentials with the Second Hyper-Kamiokande Detector in Korea
    Hyper-Kamiokande Collaboration (K. Abe et al.)
    PTEP. 6. 1-56 (2018), arXiv:1611.06118v1 [hep-ex].
  2. Improvement of heavy-heavy current for calculation of B ->D(*)lν form factors using Oktay-Kronfeld heavy quarks
    Jon Bailey, Yong-Chull Jang, Weonjong Lee, Jaehoon Leem (LANL-SWME Collaboration)
    EPJ Web Conf. 175. 14010 [2017], arXiv:1711.01777 [hep-lat].
  3. Calculation of B -> D*lν form factor at zero recoil using the Oktay-Kronfeld action
    Jon Bailey, Tanmoy Bhattacharya, Rajan Gupta, Yong-Chull Jang, Weonjong Lee, Jaehoon Leem, Sungwoo Park, Boram Yoon (LANL-SWME Collaboration)
    EPJ Web Conf. 175. 13012 [2018], arXiv:1711.01786 [hep-lat].
  4. How to identify zero modes for improved staggered fermions
    Hwancheol Jeong, Seungyeob Jwa, Jangho Kim, Sunghee Kim, Sunkyu Lee, Weonjong Lee, Jeonghwan Pak (SWME Collaboration)
    EPJ Web Conf. (2017), arXiv:1711.01826 [hep-lat].
  5. Update on εK with lattice QCD inputs
    Yong-Chull Jang, Weonjong Lee, Sunkyu Lee, Jaehoon Leem (SWME Collaboration)
    EPJ Web Conf. 175. 14015 [2018], arXiv:1710.06614 [hep-lat].
  6. Heavy-quark meson spectrum tests of the Oktay-Kronfeld action
    Jon A. Bailey, Yong-Chull Jang, Weonjong Lee, Carleton DeTar, Andreas S. Kronfeld, Mehmet B. Oktay
    Eur. Phys. J. C77 no.11 768 [2017] , FERMILAB-PUB-17-001-T, arXiv:1701.00345 [hep-lat].
  7. Masses and decay constants of pions and kaons in mixed-action staggered chiral perturbation theory
    Jon A. Bailey, Hyung-Jin Kim, Jongjeong Kim, Weonjong Lee, Boram Yoon (SWME Collaboration)
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  8. Current status of εK in lattice QCD
    Weonjong Lee
    J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 800, 012006 [2017.03.23] arXiv:1611.04261 [hep-lat], [hep-hp].
  9. The eigSUMR inverter for overlap fermions
    Nigel Cundy, Weonjong Lee
    Comp. Phys. Comm. 203 [2016.06] 1-17, arXiv:1501.01855 [hep-lat].
  10. Kaon BSM B-parameters using improved staggered fermions from Nf=2+1 unquenched QCD
    Benjamin J. Choi, Chulwoo Jung, Hwancheol Jeong, Jangho Kim, Jongjeong Kim, Sunghee Kim, Weonjong Lee, Jaehoon Leem, Jeonghwan Pak, Sungwoo Park, Stephen R. Sharpe, Boram Yoon, Yong-Chull Jang (SWME Collaboration)
    Phys. Rev. D 93, 014511 [2016.01.28] arXiv:1509.00592 [hep-lat].

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