Prof. Weongjong Lee

Name and Title

Weonjong Lee (이원종)
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Seoul National University


E-mail: email address icon for wlee
Office phone: 02-880-5795


  • February 1987, B.S. in Electronics Engineering at Seoul National University
  • October 19, 1994 M.A. and M.Ph. at Columbia University
  • October 18,1995 Ph.D. at Columbia University
  • Thesis Advisor : Professor Norman H. Christ, Columbia University


  • Sep. 1989 - Jun. 1991
    Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant, Applied Physics, Princeton University
  • Jun. 1991 - Jul. 1995
    Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant, Physics Department, Columbia University
  • Jul. 1995 - Sep. 1997
    Postdoctor, Theory Group in Physics Division, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
  • Sep. 1997 - Oct. 2000
    Postdoctor, Theoretical Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Oct. 2000 - Jul. 2002
    Staff Member, Theoretical Division and Computational Division,
    Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Dec. 2001 - Mar. 2006
    Assistant Professor, School of Physics, Seoul National University
  • Apr. 2006 - Mar. 2016
    Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University
  • Apr. 2016 - Present
    Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University


  • Fellowship: Princeton University (1989-1991)
  • Fellowship: Columbia University (1991-1995)
  • Gruman Graduate Prize: Princeton University (1990)
  • Matilda Woodard Fellowship: Columbia University (1992)
  • Outstanding Young Scientist Award: AKPA, APS (1996)

Research Interest

  • Lattice Gauge Theory(QCD)
  • Chiral Perturbation Theory
  • Standard Model Phenomenology
  • CP Violation
  • Finite Temperature QCD
  • Perturbative QCD
  • SUSY Yang-Mills Theory
  • Renormalization Groups Scaling Study
  • Computational Physics

Recent Publications

  1. Heavy-quark meson spectrum tests of the Oktay-Kronfeld action
    Jon A. Bailey, Yong-Chull Jang, Weonjong Lee, Carleton DeTar, Andreas S. Kronfeld, Mehmet B. Oktay
    FERMILAB-PUB-17-001-T, arXiv:1701.00345 [hep-lat].
  2. Heavy-heavy current improvement for calculation of B -> D(*)lν semi-leptonic form factors using the Oktay-Kronfeld action
    Jon A. Bailey, Jaehoon Leem, Weonjong Lee, Yong-Chull Jang
    PoS LATTICE 2016 (2016) 285, arXiv:1612.09081 [hep-lat].
  3. Tuning the hopping parameter in the Oktay-Kronfeld action for charm and bottom quarks on a MILC HISQ ensemble
    Hwancheol Jeong, Weonjong Lee, Jaehoon Leem, Sungwoo Park, Tanmoy Bhattacharya, Rajan Gupta, Yong-Chull Jang (LANL-SWME Collaboration)
    PoS LATTICE 2016 (2016) 380, arXiv:1612.05707 [hep-lat].
  4. Current status of εK in lattice QCD
    Weonjong Lee
    KAON 2016 proceeding, arXiv:1611.04261 [hep-lat], [hep-hp].
  5. Status report on εK with lattice QCD inputs
    Jon A. Bailey, Weonjong Lee, Jaehoon Leem, Sungwoo Park, Yong-Chull Jang
    PoS LATTICE 2016 (2016) 383, arXiv:1611.00503 [hep-lat], [hep-hp].

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Invited Talks

  1. "Progress in Kaon Physics on the Lattice",
    a plenary talk by Weonjong Lee on July 24 (2006),
    The XXIV International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory,
    Tucson, Arizona, July 23-28, 2006,
    invited by Dr. Michael Creutz on behalf of Lattice 2006 organizing committee,
  2. "Progress in calculating weak matrix elements using staggered fermions",
    a seminar by Weonjong Lee on May 4 (2006),
    Department of Physics, Brookhaven National Laboratory,
    invited by Dr. Amarjit Soni.
  3. "Calculating CP violation using staggered fermions",
    a plenary talk by Weonjong Lee on February 23 (2006),
    International Workshop on "Actions and Symmetries in lattice gauge theory"
    Yukawa Institute of Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University,
    invited by Professor Tetsuya Onogi.
  4. "Weak Matrix Elements with Staggered Fermions",
    five summer school lectures by Weonjong Lee on August 15, 16, 22, 23 (2005),
    2005 Taipei Summer Institute on Strings, Particles and Fields,
    Physics Department, National Taiwan University,
    invited by Professor Ting-Wai Chiu.
  5. "Lattice Gauge Theory, Modern Challenge in Particle Physics",
    a colloquium by Weonjong Lee on March 17 (2005),
    Department of Physics,
    Jeon Nam University,
    invited by Professor Yoonkyu Bang.

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