Research Topics and Main Issues

QCD vacuum and confinement

We study the vacuum structure of QCD and its property of confinement. We calculate the Wilson loops numerically to obtain the string tension. The key point is which part of the gauge field is responsible for the confinement. Our mission in this project is to answer to this question.

Abelian decomposition

We implement the Abelian projection in such a gauge invariant way that we can divide the gauge field into the Abelian part and the rest. We also divide the Abelian part into electric sector and magnetic sector. Here, the magnetic sector corresponds to the magnetic monopole in the continuum limit. We perform the whole classification nuemrically.

Monopole condensation

A number of the QCD groups claim that the monopole condensation is responsible for the confinement. Our mission is to check this claim numerically. Another mission is the mechanism in which pattern the monopoles condense.


We will also study the glueball spectrum. Especially we are interested in the magnetic glueballs, exotic glueballs, and knot glueballs.