Research Topics and Main Issues

Structure of chiral symmetry

Jeff Manudula has shown that there exist a countable infinite number of chiral symmetries in the Ginsparg-Wilson (GW) fermion formulation. Therefore, the construction of the chiral lagrangian is non-trivial. We study the sturcture of the chiral symmetry systematically such that we can understand the consequence of the extra chiral symmetries.

BK with high precision

Once we understand the structure of the chiral symmetries of the GW fermions, we will construct the best operators to calculate BK. We will perform the numerical study using these operators, which will cross-check the results obtained using improved staggered fermions.

Kl3 decay and form factors

Using the conserved vector current, we will calculate the vector form factor of the Kl3 decay channel. The results will determine Vus very precisely. This will overconstrain the unitarity of the CKM matrix.

Non-perturbative Renormalization (NPR)

We will apply the NPR method of the RI-MOM scheme to calculate the matching factors for BK and ε'/ε. We will study both the exceptional momentum scheme and non-exceptional momentum scheme to understand the systematic ambiguity in NPR.


We will calculate the direct CP violation parameter ε'/ε in the neutral kaon system using the GW fermions. This will lead to a direct test of the standard model.